Why Treasure?

Global food industries trends show consumers want simple and natural ingredients on food and beverage labels.

Through our innovative proprietary technologies and processes, TREASURE has developed a 99% natural, sugar-like taste, high-grade, cost-efficient, and economically scalable product that would enable reduction of added sugar and calories in mainstream foods and beverages.

Our Products

Treasure Technology

We are a strong technology believer in the significant healthy & economical benefit created by effectively building sugarcane high intensity extract granule and high Intensity SFC sucralose from sugar via our innovative proprietary technologies and processes.

By harnessing the benefits of these product materials TREASURE and our strategic partners are able to create sugar-like taste, 99% natural, lower-calorie, sugar-reduced sweeteners with TREASURE SANDS, Zero Calorie with TREASURE DROP and Low Calorie TREASURE LIFE Syrup.

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