PJC Virtuoso Music School Caters to New Generation Musicians

Pictures by Syafiq Affendy

Analisa Amu

PASSION can be a great motivator for someone to open a business and for Peter Chin, it was the passion for music he saw in his children that greatly influenced his decision to open a music school.

Sharing the back story of how he started, Chin said that he had enrolled his children in a music school sometime around 1997 to nurture their love for music. However, this didn’t last long as their interest was more to rock and pop music and most schools at the time only offered lessons in classical music.

“There will always be a demand for music lessons,” said Chin explaining that parents see it best for their children to study music as it complements their academic performance.

“They (parents) want to invest in their kids’ education and students who take up music as an extra-curricular activity often do well in their studies,” he said.

“Back then music was not offered as a subject in regular schools and I always believed that music is good business,” he added.

“I ventured into this business to cater for the new generation of musicians who are passionate and eager to learn other musical genres than just classical.”

To keep the demand and market alive, Chin believes that quality music education is important so as to produce quality musicians..

“Our teachers are highly trained graduates who not only have degrees in music but also music education,” he said.

Seeing the potential in the market, Chin has positive hopes and outlook on the business in the future.

“We are looking to add more classes in the future with lessons in saxophone, flute and other wind instruments and we also hope to open branches in other districts some day,” said the managing director.

PJC Virtuoso Music School offers lessons in piano, guitar, violin, drums and cello with more than 300 students and 10 teachers.

Video by Zaim Kasmat

Source: The Bruneian

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